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Animal specific products aimed at providing rapid recovery and rehabilitation.Hero Healthcare provide a world class range of cohesive bandages to the veterinary professional. Cohesive bandages cling to themselves and not to the coat, hair or skin. They provide mild compression thus aiding circulation and are invaluable in the retention of poultices and dressings, as well as securing IV lines. They permit free movement without restriction and remain breathable even when wet. They will not slip, slide or migrate and thus will not unravel.

V-CO cohesive bandage range

V-CO is a high quality no-chew cohesive bandage designed  for animal use to provide controlled compression, support, protection and bandage security that will not slip, constrict or migrate.

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V-CO (Non-woven cohesive elastic bandage)
Size Order Code Units per case Colour
2.5cm x 4.5m CB25RB 60 10 rolls of each colour
5cm x 4.5m CB5RB 36 6 rolls of each colour
7.5cm x 4.5m CB7RB 24 4 rolls of each colour
10cm x 4.5m CB10RB 18 3 rolls of each colour


V-CO/CO (Non-woven cohesive elastic bandage)
Size Order Code Units per case
2.5cm x 4.5m VCO2445* 60
3.8cm x 4.5m VCO3845* 48
5cm x 4.5m VCO545* 36
7.5cm x 4.5m VCO7545* 24
10cm x 4.5m VCO1045* 18
15cm x 4.5m VCO1545* 12
V-CO/COT (Cohesive elastic bandage, cotton substrate)
Size Order Code Units per case
2.5cm x 4.5m VCOT2445* 60
3.8cm x 4.5m VCOT3845* 48
5cm x 4.5m VCOT545* 36
7.5cm x 4.5m VCOT7545* 24
10cm x 4.5m VCOT1045* 18
15cm x 4.5m VCOT1545* 12

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innovation to veterinary professionals

‘No Chew’ bitter agent option prevents animal from biting,
chewing or removing bandage (safe for human and animal use)
Sticks to itself not to skin or hair
Sweat and water resistant
Not broken down by perspiration or exudate
Contours effortlessly around hard to bandage areas
Hand tearable, no scissors required
Simple and painless to apply and remove
Available in colours, camouflage and fun prints

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