Case study was conducted at Bromley Healthcare at 2014. Mary, a 93 year old visually impaired, fully mobile and independent lady sustained a traumatic injury to the left anterior of her leg in April 2014. A previous similar injury took a year to heal due to multiple skin allergies to dressing and bandage products. Mary also experienced slippage and bulk of bandage issues which affected her mobility and consequently her quality of life. The wound size: 1.6x2cm with 100% sloughy tissue. It was determined that ABPI 0.92 would be suitable for compression. The patient expressed concerns due to previous bad experiences with multi-layer compression bandages and felt bulky bandages would impact on her mobility and safety in moving about. The new HERO H-2 bandage system was explained and she agreed to try with no promises she would concord with treatment

The system is hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin and is low profile therefore fitted the patient’s requirements. At the first bandage change the oedema reduced significantly and the patient reported she “loved the bandages”. She said that they “did not wrinkle but felt supportive and flexible and did not impede her mobility”

The patient also stated she was no longer in pain and continued with the bandage in the clinic changes twice a week. In just 3.5 weeks the ulcer reduced in size to 0.5×0.5cm

 Patient Feedback

“I like the fact that the bandages are so lightweight and easy to apply.  I also like the fact that they do not let any odour out. I can wear normal trousers and shoes with this.  I feel like I can walk normally again”

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