Test was conducted at Suffolfk Community Healthcare at March 2015. Leg Ulcer & Community Nursing teams from across the county were invited to participate. Teams were identified and introduced to the Hero H-2 system arranged together with application technique demonstration followed. Suitable patients were identified by these teams and the HERO H-2 kits were tested. The UCS Leg Ulcer module workshop was attended by Helen Hollinworth. Ten teams wanted to take part with 7 of these returning a total of 47 evaluation papers.


Patient experience feedback

  • Overall patient experience 95.7% Good/Excellent (with 53% recording that this was Excellent)
  • Patient comfort gave a response of 91.5% Good/Excellent (with 57% an excellent level)
  • Conformability for patients read as 95.7% good/excellent (with 57% excellent)
  • Mobility was said to be good or excellent by 93.6% of patients (with 53% of these excellent)
  • Wearing footwear 98% said that with HERO was good or excellent (53% excellent)

Patient comments included

“pain free”  “comfortable even after 1 week”
“Aware that my legs looked slimmer & even my friend commented also!”
“stays in place well happy with the way my leg is healing”
“I can now walk my Dog again every day!”
“Bandage stays in place well – I can feel that I am healing quickly!”
“Very comfortable” “overjoyed with my HERO!” ”less bulky – forgot I had it on”
“Life changing!”  “Don’t take away ‘my’ bandage!”
“1st time it had not been painful having bandaging”
“less marking on my legs – little slippage though”
“I can’t believe my legs have gone down!”
“These are a jolly good bandage! I can wear a skirt and the colour is also better! “

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